All GG holders are able to stake or lock to earn $PUMP! Holders will be able to redeem their token to refund ANY gas TXN’s through our gas voucher interface. Holders will also be able to customize their GG NFT through our trait re-roll interface, allowing you to get a new random trait for any of the 8 trait zones. Holders will also have access to a WL marketplace. Join disc for more info!


Founders have chosen to take 0 profit from mint. 90% of profits will be put back into the project with roughly 10% going to artist, advisors, developers, etc. This allows for an increased longevity of the project and the creation of future endeavors as well as ensure the founders will not leave the project out to dry.


With over 400+ hand-drawn traits you are guaranteed to get a truly unique and random 4k x 4k Gas Guzzler. Our abstract gas pumps are made up of 8 trait zones with over 40 traits per zone! Your Gas Guzzler’s billboard in the background displays the exact GWEI price the NFT was minted at! This gives every guzzler an additional hint of uniqueness and personalization.



How many Gas Guzzlers are in the collection?

There are currently 3800 total Guzzlers. This number is subject to change….shhhh

Are founders doxxed?

Founders are privately-doxxed through, created by rugpullfinder founders. This allows us to keep our full anonymity but also be held accountable.

What are 2 traiters?

2 traiters are very rare guzzlers that take up 2 trait zones per trait. For example, instead of having a pump head, and pump body trait, a 2 traiter would combine those 2 trait zones to give the guzzler a larger-than-life look and uniqueness. 2 traiters give increasing yield.

What are Gweiliens?

Gweiliens are the species that created the Guzzlers using methalamyte—an unknown chemical. 50 OGGweiliens Easter eggs are hidden throughout the collection and provide increasing $PUMP yield for Guzzlers! There may be more coming though…

What is the Utility?

Holders are compensated through gas refunds using staking $PUMP tokenomics! Holders are able to do various other things with the token as well such as customizing their NFT’s and redeeming guaranteed WL spots!


Longsh0ttt (Tyler)

Tyler and his partner Carter are entrepreneurs at heart. They have run their own pressure washing business out of Florida and have been constantly sharpening their sales skills. Tyler has been involved in the NFT space since July of 2021 and has been encapsulated ever since. After months of observing the market Tyler felt as if he had a good understanding of the desires and appeals of the NFT community. Gas Guzzlers has been his baby and work in progress since December of 2021. The two and the team surrounding them are adamant to provide constant value to their holders through lucrative utility embodied by abstract art.

DegensofDefi (Carter)

Carter has been a serial entrepreneur throughout his career. Originally he started with manual labor, doing pressure washing and seasonal services. From manual labor he took his entrepreneurial lessons and moved into the web 3 space where he started to engage and invest. Quickly he realized that there was a niche product that needed to be developed in the market in order to make everyone’s lives easier. And Gas Guzzlers was born…

Ed Dinzole (ED)

Ed Dinzole is an illustrator/animator who specializes in using Toon Boom Harmony for a wide variety of projects. His work has been used for multiple successful NFT campaigns, and his personal work can be purchased at OpenSea.


NFT product studio Minting, staking or marketplace, we'll help you make that flawless drop. Partners: @PGodjira @Tomodachi_Ai @SkyVerseNFT @YetiTownNFT + more.

Collab Manager

Han currently has about a year and a half of experience in web3. He has served as a collab manager and moderator for dozens of projects; he has a lot of experience cooperating with large and blue-chip projects.

Lore Writer

Faelina has been an avid writer her whole life, writing moody poetry, children’s books and sappy love songs. She now writes lore/storylines for NFT/WEB3 projects. She also co-founded the Blockchain Gaming studio “Nautical Narwhal Game Studios Inc.” with her husband & is in the process of releasing their first game Underwater Metaverse P2E top-down RPG game “Oceans of Terra."

Community Manager

Shawn is a experienced community manager/moderator with a background in Information Technology and a certification in Software Development. He was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri where he self-educated in multiple programming languages after financially struggling during the pandemic in 2020 and was able to secure his first tech job as a software analyst for a large corporation. He started trading NFTs in January 2022 and spent several months networking with innovative builders and traders. He has since moderated for multiple projects before starting his career in Bridg3 as a team member in the operations team.

Web Dev

DeepBlueSteeve is a OG crypto enthusiast who started out buying shitcoins and breeding floor CryptoKitties in 2017. Last spring, he found .25 eth in his old laptop’s metamask, which got him excited about crypto again. He’s since helped build contracts and sites for notable artists and projects in the space, including TedsLittleDream, Doodles, and some other projects he can’t talk about in public.

The Story

(Part 1)

Long ago, the Gweiliens of planet Xergiok were naturally curious scientists. Having mastered space travel and resource extraction, they were in search of a self-contained machine that could both mix with their coveted chemical compound “methalaymyte” to essentially end scarcity and create abundance in the Universe when mixed with minimal renewable resources from their planet. This was no job for any ordinary jar or tin. They found on the planet Guzzcon items called “Guzzlers”. As they observed the Guzzlers from afar, they saw that they got their energy by slowly harvesting burnable resources from planets in other systems that did not have life forms detected, not only making them energy efficient but also not doing any immediate harm to life forms around it. The Gweilien abducted one, cloned it, and began utilizing it on their home planet Xergiok to create this fantasized Utopia.

Xergiok now had it all: Near infinite levels of everything it could ever need, thanks to the Guzzlers. The Guzzlers were containers full of methalaymyte, a chemical that creates an abundance of whatever comes its way. Over time, greed took over, and certain Gweiliens of Xergiok wanted control of the Guzzlers. With the Guzzlers beginning to die out and turn on the Gweiliens of Xergiok due to absorbing all of the negativity coming their way and thus, creating an abundance of negativity, Xergiok was no longer the Utopia it had once been for centuries; they had forgotten the hard lessons learned before the Guzzlers had restored their civilization. A Gweilien and his friends watched helplessly while his planet turned to complete ruin. He knew the power the Guzzler held, and that most of Xergiok showed that they did not deserve the Guzzler any longer; it had been ages since he had seen anyone wipe down the tanks, show compassion towards them, etc. One night when the riots had settled and everyone left from the streets, he and his friends saw a Guzzler with graffiti on it and garbage littered around it. The color of the methlamyte was turning black, opposite to its normal gold appearance. They realized Xergiok would never return to the state it was once in. They also knew the Guzzler deserved better than this. Impulsively, they stole the Guzzler. Riding with it in the back of their spaceship, they filled the ship's tank with Alchlemach, a mineral that naturally occurs on Xergiok that provides fuel when burned mixed with the Guzzlers methalaymyte. In hopes that the black methlamyte would continue to create abundance in the state it was in, they left Xergiok in search of a planet who needed the abundance the Guzzler could bring, along with the compassion that could be shown towards such a tremendous blessing. The black methalaymyte created a rocky trip for the Gweiliens, rocking the ship side to side, slowing down and speeding up randomly, etc. “Look at what we’ve done to the Guzzlers” they said regretfully The swaying eventually led them into a galaxy storm. Every space rock imaginable flew towards them, and they somehow dodged each one without a single scratch on their ship. They turned with astonished faces towards the Guzzler whose methlamyte was now turning slowly back to gold upon passing by their home planet, Guzzcon. The Guzzler knew it was headed to a better place. That moment of hope is when the Gweiliens stumbled upon Earth, a planet rich with plant vegetation and blue oceans. From above, Earth looked too good to be true. It was when they got closer they realized the true breadth of Earth’s biggest predicament.

The Gweiliens quickly realized that the aesthetically-pleasing Earth had a monumental gas shortage, and knew they had set out on this journey with the Guzzler for this exact purpose: to help another planet find a way to make their resources at near infinite levels to create peace and a blissful environment such as things were on Xergiok.

Are we to trust that the Gweiliens won’t follow suit in Xergiok’s exploitative, shameful ways? Who’s to say Earth won’t do the same? Will they help expecting nothing in return? What reassurance do we on Earth have that these… creatures we’ve only *tried* to depict in movies are actually now here to help *us*?